Banksy - Wall & Piece

Just saw Exit through The Gift Shop which was a brilliant expose on the underground street art movement which features the ever elusive Banksy. Excellent film. Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile Posted via email from joydacious's posterous Read more →

Privacy, sharing and memoirs "This Is Not The Story You Think It Is... A Season of Unlikely Happiness" #in

By Joy A. Kennelly Real quick, cuz I have to run... What has been interesting to me reading Laura Munson's memoir, This Is Not The Story You Think It Is...A Season of Unlikely Happiness, and also listening to the four... Read more →

Memoir: All the Single Ladies seminar

I've heard Amy Alkon before, but Julie Klausner, Giulia Melucco and Sascha Rothchild I haven't. Should be good. "Amy writes the award-winning nationally syndicated advice column 'The Advice Goddess' ... and is also the author of 'I see Rude People.'... Read more →