Healthcare Bill explained in plain English - if you thought IRS was invasive...

By Joy A. Kennelly Because none of us can bear to read through the 1,000 page healthcare bill, I thought you'd enjoy some highlights because if you really knew what was in the current bill you would realize why so... Read more →

Haiti's 2nd earthquake - from extreme happiness last night, to sorrow today

By Joy A. Kennelly Now that we know the American people are built Ford tough (Scott Brown anyone!?), it's just shocking to learn that Haitians have had to bear yet another earthquake! CAN THEY HAVE A BREAK GOD? WHY? I... Read more →

SCOTT BROWN -The truck people have spoken. Long live truck people!

By Joy A. Kennelly Tonight is so historic politically I just have to say, GOD BLESS AMERICA! And God bless Scott Brown! WE THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN! This is such a refreshing referendum like no other against the current out-of-control... Read more →

XIV & Haiti Relief Efforts you can support

By Joy A. Kennelly I have been slammed which is why I haven't written since posting my XIV review. I felt bad leaving it hanging, but was kind of waiting to see if the management would respond to my email... Read more →

A Home for the Holidays - whole lotta love going on; then the Healthcare bummer

By Joy A. Kennelly A Home for the Holidays is one show I have always skipped every year it comes on TV on because of my own adoption (almost wrote "open" adoption, but since the adoptive parents aren't really honoring... Read more →

Anger against Obamacare & the lack of transparency, bribes, and other BS to pass it

By Joy A. Kennelly I've tried real hard not to be political on this blog, but Obamacare passing in the wee hours of the morning is total BS. Where's the transparency now President Obama? And the fact that the White... Read more →

Advent Conspiracy - I'm in, are you? God's love personified.

By Joy A. Kennelly I have been trying to apply the 7 Habits principles and establish a personal mission statement ever since taking Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People course (click the link on his name for my... Read more →

#LA Fashion Week - Designer Kevan Hall topped 'em all! Rusnak Night of Luxury - Pt II

By Joy A. Kennelly Finally have time and energy to continue sharing my experience at the Rusnak Night of Luxury event with Fashion Designer, Kevan Hall. I mean it when I say Kevan Hall topped 'em all during LA Fashion... Read more →

Rusnak - Night of Luxury with Designer Kevan Hall - Part 1

By Joy A. Kennelly In light of the recent White House party crashers who are soooo desperate for attention (shamefully so), I thought I'd share some of the amazing parties I've been to over the past few months as a... Read more →

VOX DJs/VOX Entertainment 25th Year Celebration wrap-up

By Joy A. Kennelly I've been waiting on the professional photographer's shots from the VOX DJs/VOX Entertainment 25th Year Anniversary Celebration, but since it's taking too long I will use my images from the event to share what went on.... Read more →

BLOG: #VOX DJs & VOX Entertainment 25th Year Anniversary Celebration - DJ highlights

By Joy A. Kennelly Due to such an overwhelming positive response from past and present clients, friends and colleagues, the guest list is now closed for tonight's VOX DJs & VOX Entertainment's 25th Year Anniversary Celebration. For those of you... Read more →

Blog - #Manhattan Beach-based VOX DJs & VOX Entertainment Celebration Saturday!


Passion Revealed - Alexis Monsanto & Furne One

By Joy A. Kennelly Now that the Hermosa Beach City Council Candidates I was stumping for, Jeff Duclos and Howard Fishman, are safely in office I can get back to more fun topics seeing as I've left you dangling on... Read more →

Daily Breeze's Coverage of Hermosa Beach Elections for your reading pleasure

Fishman, Duclos, Bobko take Hermosa Beach council seats HERMOSA BEACH CITY COUNCIL by Andrea Woodhouse Staff Writer Posted: 11/03/2009 11:58:21 PM PST » Results: City contests » South Bay election results Hermosa Beach voters awarded City Council seats to two... Read more →

Hermosa Beach City Council Election Results - Fishman, Duclos and Bobko as of 8:17pm

By Joy A. Kennelly I'M THRILLED! LOOKS LIKE IT'S HOWARD FISHMAN, JEFF DUCLOS AND KIT BOBKO FOR OUR NEW HERMOSA BEACH CITY COUNCIL! You can see the final results here: Now if you'll excuse me, I have a victory... Read more →

LA Fashion Week - Designer, Philip Rodriguez in Passion Revealed @ Vibiana

By Joy A. Kennelly Let's see, where we last left off we all were taking our seats for the Passion Revealed LA Fashion Week shows at the Vibiana if I remember correctly. Now I have to say, it was very... Read more →

Passion Revealed at Vibiana Cathedral - Part 1 - Pre-party

By Joy A. Kennelly Sorry for the delay in writing this wrap-up of last Friday's Passion Revealed event. I think I've been fighting something because I've just been exhausted after my day job which totally isn't like me. Feeling under... Read more →

Reminder: Hermosa Beach City Council Debate hosted by Leadership Hermosa TONIGHT!

By Joy A. Kennelly Just a quick reminder tonight is the final Hermosa Beach City Council Debate from 7 -9 p.m. in the Hermosa Beach City Council Chambers, 1315 Valley Drive, sponsored by Leadership Hermosa. In addition, Hermosa Beach Residents... Read more →

Downtown Los Angeles Fashion Week recap - Louis Verdad, SKINGRAFT, Julia Y Renata, Emerging Designers and so much more..

By Joy A. Kennelly Last night I attended five fashion events back-to-back: The Fashion Angels Emerging Designer Show hosted by the City of Los Angeles and the Department of Cultural Affairs, SKINGRAFT, a Meet & Greet with Julia Y Renata... Read more →