FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For more information, contact: “Jean Gabin is one of the greatest actors who ever lived. He is, to me, the paradigm of the perfect actor. He’s still. He’s honest. He’s brave. He would never make anything... Read more →

Hotel De Anza, SES Conference Keynote Clay Shirky, Resume Bucket review

By Joy A. Kennelly Today, I made my ResumeBucket tech friend Paras' day when I gave him one of the Facebook promo cards worth $50 in ad space on Facebook and one of the orange t-shirts they were giving away... Read more →

Jeff Duclos for Hermosa Beach City Council - local news first and then....

29-YEAR RESIDENT OF HERMOSA BEACH AND AWARD-WINNING ENVIRONMENTALIST, JEFF DUCLOS, PULLS PAPERS TO RUN FOR HERMOSA BEACH CITY COUNCIL ELECTION NOV 3, 2009 Hermosa Beach, CA Hermosa Beach Resident and Award-Winning Environmentalist, Jeff Duclos has pulled papers as a candidate... Read more →

Hermosa Beach - Increased homeless, suicides, and beloved resident's death

By Joy A. Kennelly Just because many people who read my blog don't always read the local papers I thought I'd share this recent survey about the increase in the homeless population here in Hermosa Beach entitled Stop Hermosa Beach... Read more →

I'm on KNX & KFWB right now! 980 & 1070 on your AM Dial

By Joy A. Kennelly If you're near a radio, turn on KNX or KFWB. KNX is - 1070 on your AM dial and KFWB is - 980 on your AM dial to hear my interview ok? I'm oposing... Read more →

Tax & Financial Expert, MHB Financial Group Mging Partner, Steve Bloch

By Joy A. Kennelly I’d like to recommend the Managing Partner of MHB Financial Group, Steven J. Bloch, Esq., CFP® as a financial expert you can call upon for assistance and interviews. His firm offers comprehensive financial planning and creative... Read more →

Sad news, but happier times soon. Mark 5/21 on your calendars!

By Joy A. Kennelly For those of you who are interested in the latest news regarding all the cool projects and people I'm working with on a freelance basis, check out my professional blog: I haven't written such a... Read more →

Don't miss the TLC Empowerment Group - starts June 3, 2009

TLC Empowerment Group A Positive Network for the Health & Success Conscious Create Your Life… Instead of Having Life Create You Join like-minded people in a transformative group designed to create change in your life by taking positive actions with... Read more →

Stand Up Leadership Coach, Lori Ketkar, and Chef David Linville at The Grand Wine & Food Affair

By Joy A. Kennelly Seeing as some read this blog and don't read my professional one, here's the information on the upcoming leadership training you're not going to want to miss produced by my newest client, Start-up Leadership Founder/Coach, Lori... Read more →

Tax Day Tea Parties, Miss California debacle and other "extreme" politics

By Joy A. Kennelly Just returned from a wonderful trip to Scottsdale, AZ and will be writing about that on my professional blog - since it's client related. However, right now, I just need to unload this since it's... Read more →

Chef David Linville in 31st Annual Scottsdale Culinary Festival, April 18 – 19, 2009

31st Annual Scottsdale Culinary Festival Event Details, April 14 – 19, 2009 Presented by the Scottsdale League for the Arts Friends of James Beard Benefit Dinner – Presented by SRP Earthwise Seven James Beard award-winning chefs from around the... Read more →

Bo Bridges Art Opening, and other stuff

By Joy A. Kennelly There are certain times of the month when things seem so much more serious than they really are and women, you know what I'm talking about. Last week was one of those times, but once Friday... Read more →

Here's video coverage while mainstream media pretends this didn't happen

By Joy A. Kennelly I didn't taken any video, but found these online and thought you might find them as interesting as I have. I'm posting this talking head guy's video first because he is explaining why this is Tax... Read more →

KFI 640 John & Ken's Tax Revolt 2009 in Fullerton, CA photo essay

By Joy A. Kennelly All pictures posted here are copyrighted and require photo credit of my name, Joy A. Kennelly, if used in paid media. Please contact me to request permission. Please note, I am posting my personal experience of... Read more →