Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

By Joy A. Kennelly Isn't this verse encouraging? Psalm 30:5b "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning." So true, so true. Nothing like a good cry to clear out the toxins and the blues. I... Read more →


By Joy A. Kennelly Finally! I can announce to the world the wonderful Hermosa Beach Christmas Village that we've all been working so hard to put together for everyone which will also benefit Project NEEDS, our local food bank. I... Read more →

The Shore Restaurant & Lounge sponsors Holiday Dessert Competition

The Shore Restaurant & Lounge has graciously agreed to host The South Bay Cooking & Culinary Meetup Group's first annual holiday dessert competition! The Shore is also celebrating winning First Place in California Dining on MyFoxLa and will be offering... Read more →

Last Chance Harvey, LACC event and other stuff

By Joy A. Kennelly I had a lot of fun this week in addition to getting a lot done too. I hit the Los Angeles Creative Club's participation in the "ihaveanidea D & D Awards 2008 Screening" and after-party which... Read more →

Great article: "Answering Advocates of Gay Marriage"

By Joy A. Kennelly I have to upload some pix from the fun events I've attended over the last few days, but felt compelled to raise awareness on this very well-thought out, well-researched, informative article answering the 20 claims people... Read more →

Now that the dust has settled - Obama & Prop 8 analysis

By Joy A. Kennelly I've just joined some conservative groups on Facebook because it's been so nice to have people who feel the same way as I do on certain things to talk to. Not to downplay my Dem friends... Read more →

I Tim. 2:1-2 I urge that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for kings and all those in authority...

The Presidential Prayer Team congratulates Barack Obama Sign up now to pray for President-Elect Barack Obama and the new administration Dear PPT, The Presidential Prayer Team is pleased to commit itself and it’s nearly 500,000 members to pray for the... Read more →

2 Timothy 4:7 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful.

By Joy A. Kennelly Regardless of the outcome of our Presidential race, I can go to sleep tonight with a clear conscience knowing I have done all I could to work for the principles I believed in. That's all I... Read more →

VOTE! Go McCain! More pix from NV & Torrance Republican hdqtrs too!

Here's more pix from the weekend - I've voted. Have you? Please do! VOTE McCAIN/PALIN ticket! Sorry, just a little Republican humor. There's rumor that all 6 million PUMAs (Sometimes called Party Unity My A$%, but they also are called... Read more →

MA Parents thrown in jail for opposing same sex marriage schooling

Reasons why to vote Yes on Prop 8 - This is from Dr. James Dobson's broadcast and is just shocking. I'm sorry, it is. If homosexuals are saying they don't have an agenda, I guess they should check with the... Read more →

Thought provoking video on Yes on Prop 8 - please watch.

I stumbled across this video and although its a little long and has some glitches, it always comes back on and really represents why the issue of preserving traditional marriage is so important. What I have always wondered when pondering... Read more →

This is too funny from Chicagoagainstobama.com - could be true, eh?

I did not write this, but am quoting this in its entirety from a blog entitled Chicagoans Against Obama because I find it funny and fascinating - also probably true: "Chicagoans Against Obama (https://chicagoagainstobama.wordpress.com/) Examining Obama’s Experience, Character, Record, and... Read more →

UCLA Wine & Cheese & The Shore's Chef David Linville @ Los Angeles Magazine Food Event '08

By Joy A. KennellyA couple quick things before the good stuff. This morning at my Beach Cities Professional Business Networking International (BNI) meeting I was recognized as a Notable Networker! Pretty fun, eh? I always thought it was true, but... Read more →

Sarah Palin funny, Obama, The Women's Conference, Bono, and so much more

By Joy A. Kennelly Finally! Someone who gets my sense of humor and will allow me mine. Here's a hilarious send up of Sarah Palin in honor of all my Democrat friends. Finally a good friend sent me this funny... Read more →