Joy Kennelly's Surfrider Fdn promotion & Miami photo blog coverage for your review.

This is an old blog post I wrote in June '08, and in reading it again I realized it is a showcase of what I have done in the past to promote clients through blogging and provide photo essay examples... Read more →

Here's a quickie, cuz I've gotta run...K.C. and The Sunshine Band awaits!

By Joy A. Kennelly Where else can you roll out of bed, throw shorts and a tank on, walk less than 15 minutes and be at one of the biggest volleyball attractions ever? I'm talking about the Hermosa Beach AVP's... Read more →

The South Bay Professional Connection's event at Verch Insurance Services & CA Associates!

By Joy A. Kennelly Sorry for the delay in writing about the last South Bay Professional Connection event announcing the Grand Opening of CA Associates and Verch Insurance Services. I think I've been coming down with the flu which would... Read more →

Last night was wonderful, but I want to share this short film with you first

By Joy A. Kennelly Last night we must have had 200 people attend the third South Bay Professional Connection event announcing the Grand Opening of CA Associates and Verch Insurance Services. It was a really special evening. I'll write more... Read more →

Positive South Bay Professional Connection news! (repeated on my wordpress blog too...)

By Joy A. Kennelly Ever since returning from Miami, FL, I have been slammed with work and unable to catch my breath. (Okay, I did enjoy my Memorial Day holiday BBQ down in San Diego with a very good friend,... Read more →


The South Bay Professional Connection announces the Grand Opening of CA Associates Employment Specialists’ and Verch Insurance Services’ new El Segundo offices with a night of Networking and Celebration on Thursday, May 29, 2008 from 5:30pm – 7:00pm. The new... Read more →

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you Veterans for your service.

By Joy A. Kennelly Hermosa Beach, CA has a really beautiful Veterans Memorial statue located on PCH & Pier Ave right above our Downtown area. Here's some pix and information to showcase it. Isn't it stately? Joy A. Kennelly All... Read more →

The Planning Commission did right for our community - AMEN!

By Joy A. Kennelly Tonight was a little unsettling because as I expected, the entire room was stuffed with Dragon supporters, workers, owners, and their attorney. Oh, for a look at the place in question check out this link: Read more →

I really should be packing, but...more Hermosa Beach pix

By Joy A. Kennelly It's official. Mom can't travel because of her pneumonia. I was so upset when she told me I started to cry because we travel real well together and always have a great time. This was going... Read more →


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For More Information: Joy A. Kennelly 310.714.2077 thejoywriterpublicity(at) gmail (dot) com THE SOUTH BAY PROFESSIONAL CONNECTION ANNOUNCES THE GRAND OPENING OF CA ASSOCIATES & VERCH INSURANCE SERVICES’ NEW EL SEGUNDO OFFICES With a Networking Celebration on Thursday,... Read more →

Happy Mother's Day! Made of Honor and more Hermosa pix for your viewing pleasure

By Joy A. Kennelly Just watched Made of Honor which actually had some surprises not revealed in the trailer which was a nice change of pace. The scenery in Scotland is stunning, Patrick Dempsey is adorable, and it's every woman's... Read more →

Hermosa is all about fitness and sports too...

By Joy A. Kennelly What surprised me walking around Hermosa Beach is how many little personalized gyms and equipment stores we have, but I should have known that an area that is predominantly beach driven would have lots of outdoor... Read more →

Whew...wrapped up a bunch of work - here's more Hermosa Beach pix as I unwind

By Joy A. Kennelly I thought I was going out of town on Friday and as a result have been working real hard to catch up all my loose ends. Now that I'm not leaving till next week I have... Read more →


UNIQUE TRAVEL PATENTS AVAILABLE! According to the Travel Industry Association, Travel and Tourism is a $1.3 trillion dollar industry in the United States.. According to TIA's annual forecast, travel spending by domestic and international visitors in 2008 is forecast to... Read more →

More Hermosa Beach images

By Joy A. Kennelly I'm sure there's other restaurants on PCH I'm missing, but here's a few more restaurants, markets, hotels, and homes I have pix of. The Alta Dena Dairy has been sold and now there's talk of tearing... Read more →

More Hermosa Beach places to eat...

By Joy A. Kennelly For such a small town, (Hermosa Beach is only 1 mile big), there sure are a lot of restaurants! I know I've probably missed some (some on purpose because they're more bar than restaurant, some by... Read more →

Hermosa Beach - Fun and Food

By Joy A. Kennelly You know what I love best about Hermosa Beach? The ocean. I love that I can go down to the surf and walk along with the crashing waves while dodging piles of seaweed and the incoming... Read more →

Sharkeez MB - very fun, unexpected experience

By Joy A. Kennelly You know what's funny about growing up going to church, traveling a lot and not going to bars when you're younger? You really don't understand how it all works when you're older. What's even funnier about... Read more →

GoChi Happy Hour at Sharkeez MB!

This is my latest event. Isn't this the cutest invite? Thank you Sharkeez! Hope you'll consider joining us! We're inviting lots of people and you're all welcome. Great networking and schmoozing. Should be an interesting mix to say the least.... Read more →

If you're interested in an update of my weekend...

By Joy A. Kennelly and the latest with my clients, please go to: (or just search for Goji on and visit my professional blog: where I highlight Charles Zigman's success with his book series entitled World's Coolest... Read more →

Here's more information on the situation in Haiti

This is from my friend Patti's myspace page on her experiences in Haiti and her take on the situation. Directly below is an article validating her assertion re: rotting food that Haitians aren't receiving. It's simply amazing to me that... Read more →

Bones, First Tuesday, The Riches, Cozy Faux, and Meetup

By Joy A. Kennelly Never have watched the show Bones before and it's fun to see The Standard Downtown used as a location. If you're ever in LA you should hit it at least once. Oh good, now the The... Read more →

Pix from GenArt, Fashion Week, Cambria & Big Sur - Finally!

By Joy A. Kennelly Finally uploaded all my pix and have them ready to be seen. Just know, this is a new camera, I haven't read the owner's manual and as a result, some of the pix aren't the best... Read more →

Big Sur, Post Ranch Inn, Cambria, Hearst Castle, ya da ya da

By Joy A. Kennelly Remind me not to drink a 24oz iced coffee from McDonald's again without asking for decaf. OY! Although I'm very tired, I can't sleep because of the caffeine coursing through my veins. Hopefully by writing, my... Read more →

Really slammed lately which precludes blogging

By Joy A. Kennelly I've been queried privately why I haven't written any long blogs lately and to be honest, I've just been too overwhelmed to think of anything I'm dying to tell you all about. Plus, for some reason... Read more →